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Package arrived today!

Earlier today, there was a big package in the mailbox addressed to me. It had a picture of one of my LJ icons, so I figured whoever sent it must know me. And up in the corner under the return address, I recognized palabrajot's LJ icon! I brought the mail in and opened the package.

Inside was a cardboard box decorated with silver pen words, reading: "Happy Birthday, KayTEE! Thanks for being you - JoMo!" Inside the cardboard box was a box containing a cool book titled "Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones", about various unusual kinds of experimental music instruments. It comes with a CD containing samples of these instruments in action. (I actually have a smaller version of this book, but this one is bigger and has more stuff in it.) You've probably heard of the theremin, but how about the Pick-Behind-The-Bridge Guitar? Or the Trigon Incantor? Or one of my favorites, the Daxophone?

Thanks, JoMo! I'll enjoy reading and listening to my present.

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