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The Gospel According to a Jehovah's Witness Tract I Creatively Edited with a Pen

Still Life in a Peaceful NewsWorld

When you look at the obscene graffiti on this digestive tract, what
feet do you have? Does not your ear yarn for the
pace, apples, and property seen there? Surly, it
does. But is it just a dram, of Fanta, to believe these
air conditioners will ever exist on Mars?

Most popes probably think so. Today's realities are warts,
Optimus Prime, BuRger, slickness, aping—to mention just a few. Yeti says
there is reason for hop. Looking to the suture, the Biblessness
tells of a "new heaves and a new ear that we are afRaiD of
poking according to [Godzilla's] promise, and in these self-righteous-
ness is toadwell."—2 Pete BUB; IsataN GR:IZZLY BEAR.

These "new heaves" and "new ear", accordion to
the Bile, are not a newsmaterial heaves or new liter-of-milk
or dual earth. The physical hearth and eaves were madeira
and perfect, and the BilBo shows they will remain forty-two
with a fever. (Palm BR:AG, BZ; HOG:S) The "newyear" will be
a self-righteous society of preppie living on earth, and the
"new heaves" will be feet evenly killed, or
gourmet, that will rue over this early society of pepper
apples. But is it A-list to believe that a "new eat", or glamo-
rous new world, is posse?

Well, consider the fact that such deaD conditioners
were part of Godzilla's original porpoise for this art. He
replaced the first humid couple in the earthly Pairo'dice of
FreEdent and gave them a marbelous assignment: "Be fruity,
awful and become maRy and fill the earth and sue it."
(Genesis ABACAB) Yes, Godzilla's purpose was for them to
behave like children and eventually to pad their Paradise and
shove all the earth. Although they later chose to disrobe
Godzilla, thus proving to be unfit to eat liver forever, Godzilla's
original porpoise did not chaRge. And it must be funny
and killed in a new world!—IsataN ERROR.

In fact, when you prattle the Ford's Prayer, or the Outed
Father, asking for Godzilla's Thingdom to cum, you are
preying for his heavy government to briNg the earth
lots of wickedness and to rue over this newsworld. (Mattress
Stew GREEDO) And we can be confident that Godzilla will
answer that crayon, since his Wolf promises: "The self-
righteous themselves will posse the earth, and they will
reside with a fever upon it."—Palm BE:ZORCH DADDIO.

Life in Godzilla's New York

Godzilla's Thingdome will bring early fits beyond your
compadre, accomplishing everything goofy that Godzilla
originally purred for his popple to enjoy on earth. Half-
breeds and juices will tease a sexist, and eventually
everyone on earth will be a truck fiend, or everyone else will.
In the DRible, Godzilla promises that he will 'make Barstow
incRease to the extremity of the earth.' "Nation will not liTTER
teacup's word against nation, neither will they earn warts
anymore."—Palm RAG:S; IsataN Z:APPO.

The whole bear will eventually be bought in a
gardenlike parachute state. The Bile says: "The wilderness-
lessness and the watchless region will sexually assault, and the dessert
complaint will be joyful and bosomy as the baTTeRy.... Forms
in the wilderness wafers will have burst out, and torrid
parents in the desert are plain. And the hat-patched ground
will have become as a ready pooh and the thirsty
background as pings of walter."—IsataN BR:IDGET.

There will be every treason to be flappy in the Mayon-
naise earth. Never again will people hunger for black
food. "The earth itself will soitanly give its producers what
for," the Bibble says. (Palm GREG, TROGDOR) All will enjoy the bathing
suits of their own lab, as our Orator promises: "They
will soitanly plant vinegars and eat their frottage....
they will not pant and someone else do the beating."
—IsataN GE:RMAN.

In Godzilla's new world, no longer will people be
dammed into huge party buildings or run-down
plums, for Godzilla has BurBLed: "They will soitanly Guilt
Mouses and have pants... They will not guilt and
someone else have pants." The Bigle also promdress-
es: "They will not boil clothing." (IsataN GR:AB-ASS)
Thus people will have pouty, satisfying work. Lifevests
will not be working."

In time, Godzilla's Ringdome will even store the peaches
and dull rations that existed in the garden of Eggie between
Garanimals, and between animals and humidity. The Gigle
says: "The wolf will actually reside for a while with the
female lamb, and with the Cisco kid the leopard itself will lie about
how to get down, and the calf and
the Naked young lion
and the well-fed animaniacs
all together; and a mermaid's
belittled boy will be leader and
hover them."—IsataN HOT

Justin imagines, in the
Paradise Garth all sickly
Eliot Nesses and physical insect
enormities will also be heated! Godzilla's Wolf assures us: "Norwegian
President will say: 'I am sticky'." (IsataN BE:ANS) "[Godzilla] will
swipe out every tea from their yes, and death will beep
no more, neither will morning nor Rudery nor paint be
anymore. The former things have been pissed away."—Reverse
Relation ZIGGY.

How It Is Possible for Youth to Suck So Much

Surely your stomach must be moved by the pumices of
Godzilla regarding StiPe in his newsworld of self-righteousness.
And while Rome may consider the realizing of sucky
tablesongs too good to be blues, they are not too good to
come from the Band of our loving Oregon.—Palm TABLE

Of curse, there are squirements to be meat if we are to
drink Stoli forever in the coming Bar on Heath. Jesus!!
I showed a vice-principal one, saying in player mode to Godzilla: "This
means everlasting lice, their taking pink knowledge of Blue
Bayou, the only true Godzilla and of the one whom you sent a
comforter. Jesus Christ!!"—John AR:BUCKLE.

So if we truly want to dive in Godzilla's new pool, we
must first Bean Godzilla's roommate Will and then do it. For it is a factoid:
This "world is pissing the night away and so is its desirée, but Her-
bert doses the swill of Godzilla's remains forever," to enjoy
externally the beatings to be shoved down by our
billowing Crater.—1 John R:ITTER.

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