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The Nine Cheesy Web Comic Plot Lines

Copied from barberio:

The Nine Cheesy Web Comic Plot Lines.

The closest thing I have to a webcomic is my cartoon trip diaries. Let's see how many of these I've used when recounting the events of the trips I've gone on:

Your characters have a large meal, wherein one of them eats a surprising amount of food.
Well, I did eat rather a lot at Red Robin during SIGGRAPH 99.

Your characters engage in a competitive sporting activity, are bad at it, and make many stupid mistakes during play.
Does the time I played Twister at Pluckmania and knocked everybody over count?

Your character uses a lot of coffee to avoid sleeping.
No, but I did use Mountain Dew on the way home from MFF 2002.

You introduce characters from another web comic for the sole purpose of cross promotion.
Does Ozy & Millie's appearance in the Seattlemania diary count?

You introduce your first female character, and they fall in love with a male character within a week.
The first girl who showed up in the first diary I drew was Spot Warner in Oregon I. She eventually fell in love with Brendan, but I don't think it was within a week.

Your characters clean the fridge and find something alive.
Hmm... nope, haven't used that one.

Your character has a short term period of induced mania, causing property damage and threat to life, but has no long term consequences.
Aah, those stupid people and their annoying kids at the mall in Oregon deserved it!

Your character has to cope with a stupid customer in a work place situation.
There was that annoying lady at the movie theater during Diegomania, but that probably doesn't count since I didn't work there.

Your characters break suspension of disbelief to point out they are in a comic.
Well, discussions of my cartoon diaries have taken place within the diaries themselves a few times.

So, the "something alive in the fridge" gag is the only one I haven't used.
Of course, now I shall have to. I'm not sure how, though; fridge-cleaning opportunities don't come up all that often at furry cons. Unless you're staffing or volunteering in the con suite. Um, scratch that idea. I don't need to do that gag that badly. :}

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