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I know it's about a week late for Talk Like A Pirate Day, but...

Imagine Long John Silver in a karaoke bar. He steps up to the stage, takes the mic, and starts to sing...

At first I was afraid of the Royal Guards
Kept thinking I'd end up imprisoned by the dungeon bars
But then I climbed aboard a pirate ship and learned to rob and sail
And I grew hale, and now I'll sack ye without fail

Ar, there's yer ship, off th' starb'rd bow
Ye just sailed up to find a warning shot we fired across yer prow
Ye should've changed yer bloody course, ye should've turned around to scoot
If ye'da known fer just one second we'd show up ta take yer loot

Yar, now go, and walk the plank
We'll take yer booty, ye'll not get a word of thanks
And now yer tryin' t'fight us off with cannonfire
Did ye think I'm scuppered? Did ye think I'd sink down and die?

Ar, no, not I, I will survive
Aye, as long as I can sail a ship, I know I'll be alive
I've got plunderin' to make, I've got treasure chests to take,
I'll survive, I will survive



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