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Updated my Evil Fluxx deck

As I mentioned in my last post, I tweaked some of the cards in my custom Fluxx deck (which I call Evil Fluxx because I took a crazy game and made it even crazier). Here are scans of the new cards (cut-tagged to keep this post from being too dang long):

The original version of Fast Track Legislation had some wording about reshuffling the draw pile, so as not to waste the non-New Rule cards that get turned up. Later, I realized it wasn't worth the trouble.

The original version of this card was called Småkakar, which someone later reminded me was incorrect. The singular is "småkaka" (cookie), and Swedish nouns ending in "a" take "or" in the plural.

The original version of this card had an extra clause about forgetting how many cards you may draw, but that never actually came up in play, so I dropped it. Also I reworded the existing text to sound more evil.

I also added a new card:

I'd always wondered what a Play 0 card would be like. Obviously, if the rule were just simply "play 0" and the Inflation rule (formerly called X=X+1) were not in effect, the game would be unplayable. So if Inflation is not in effect, this rule forbids itself to go into effect, and the card is merely discarded.

There are also a few nonstandard but official cards in my deck...
Two Holiday Promo 2005 cards I received for free as a thank-you last time I ordered merchandise from Looney Labs:
- Xmas Tree (Goal; The player with the Gift and the Tree on the table wins.) Oddly, I don't have the Gift or Tree keepers, so the game is unwinnable with this card. I keep it in as a joke, though. :}
- Peace on Earth (Goal; The player with Peace and the Earth on the table wins.) The weird thing is, I got this after making my own Earth keeper and Peace on Earth goal, so now I have two Peace on Earths. (I also got an Earth keeper, printed with a nice photo of Planet Earth, but I decided to put it in my Eco-Fluxx game, because it can do special stuff in that game.)

- Time Vortex (Action; Gather up the cards from everyone's hands, shuffle them up (without looking), and deal them out evenly, starting with yourself.) This is a Rabbit Promo card that silaria gave me at Anthrocon 2006.
- Chrononauts - The Card Game of Time Travel (Goal; The player who has both Time and the Rocket on the table wins.) This card is marked "GenCon Promo 2001", but Silaria also gave it to me at AC'06.

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