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New cartoons!

Website update:

Six new cartoons,

not all of which are car-related!

You can see them either on my cartoon site, or by clicking the cut-tag below.

Based on a Flash animation called PTIKOBJ, by David Firth (the Salad Fingers guy), reenacted by "Cars" characters. Drawn primarily to make Babs laugh.

Remember Minnie and Van from "Cars", the two minivans who briefly visit Radiator Springs? I figured they deserved some fanart, so I imagined a quiet evening at the Minivan house (garage?).
The Minivans at home

I found out they make bras for cars, so I wondered how sexy Sally from "Cars" would look in one. Kinda looks more like a mask, though! Or a beard!
Sally turns Lightning McQueen on with a bra

Directly inspired by the previous sketch, here's...
Sally Carrera is... Carbeard the Pirate!

Teleia asks the obvious question:
KT, why have you forsaken furry art for Cars fanart? (He hasn't.)

Coming this fall to snake theatres everywhere:
Mongeese on a Plane!

[Edit: Whoops, let's try that again, with working image tags this time.]

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