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You cahn't get theah confused with heah, ayuh

I think there's a flaw in today's "Jokes On Us" daily joke in the Houston Chronicle. The joke goes as follows:

“A farmer had lived in New Hampshire all his life. One day the state sent a survey team to his farm near the Vermont border. To his surprise, it was discovered that his farm was actually in Vermont, and not in New Hampshire as he had always thought. This made the news and the local newspaper sent out a reporter to interview him. The reporter asked, ‘Well, what does it feel like to find that you are really a resident of Vermont?’ The Old Yankee answered, ‘Well, it feels pretty good. I don't think I could have stood another one of those terrible New Hampshire winters.’” –Walter E. Welsh, Brookside Village

Except that the border between Vermont and New Hampshire is formed entirely by the Connecticut River! It doesn't seem likely to me that a farmer would be confused about which side of the river his farm was on. Nor would they need to send a survey team to figure it out. Just send some guy to tell him, "This is the WEST side of the river, dummy! You're the worst farmer ever!"

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