A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Voice Post:

494K 2:27
“This is KT and I'm in Greenville, Texas, which is somewhere along the road between Dallas and Texarkana. I decided to take two days to drive up to Memphis, for Mephit Furmeet, because I wanted to do some... mucking around here in Texas. First I stopped in Huntsville, well, just outside Huntsville, to look at the Sam Houston statue. It's a huge 67-foot-high statue, made of concrete, of Sam Houston. Let's see... [reads from brochure] "He was an accomplished statesman, who was twice a president of Texas, a US senator for Texas, and he helped to make Texas a state. Sam Houston was also the Commander in Chief of the Army of the Republic of Texas, and served as Governor of Tennessee and of Texas," blah blah blah. Big Texas hero, and huge statue. I love huge statues, so I went to look at it.

And then I stopped at the gift shop, where I bought a miniature statue of Sam Houston, a toy wooden sword that says "King Arthur" on it: "WHOSO PULLETH OUT THIS SWORD OF THIS STONE IS RIGHTWISE BORN KING OF ENGLAND." What this has to do with Sam Houston, I have no idea.

And I got something that I thought would be cool, but unfortunately it turned out to be a broken piece of junk. It's a retro-phone. A hand-set that looks like a hand-set from an old fashioned telephone that you can plug into your cell phone. Cool idea, but this thing is broken. [rattles the loose speaker inside the earpiece] I tried to make a phonepost with it just now, and I found out that while I can faintly hear the voice at the other end, the other end cannot hear me at all. I tried recording a message, and all it recorded was absolute silence. So that was a waste of money. Oh well.

Then I went to Waco. Went to the Dr Pepper Museum, to get some more Dr Pepper made with cane sugar. I discovered it comes in bottles as well as cans; I got a six-pack of cans, and a six-pack of bottles. I'm going to be enjoying that during the con.

And then, I started heading towards Memphis. Well, Texarkana really. I planned to stop in Texarkana for the night but I started to be tired so I stopped here in Greenville. Tomorrow I'll drive the rest of the way to Memphis.

See you at Mephit Furmeet!”

Transcribed by: kinkyturtle

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