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I received two packages in the mail today! One from timmowarner, containing various assorted Canadian candy bars not generally available in the US (and payment for a picture he asked for), and one from kurreltheraven containing a copy of his new CD, Kwinkunx (recorded under the name Kwook)!

The candies were fun-size versions, except for Big Turk. Here's my impressions:

  • Cadbury Crunchie: just like Violet Crumble: crisp foamy yellow stuff coated in chocolate.

  • Nestlé Aero: Bubbly chocolate! It's a chocolate bar infused with millions o' tiny bubbles. Neat!

  • Nestlé Coffee Crisp: Nice thick rectilinear bar. Alternating layers of waffle cookie and light tan frothy stuff that tastes delicately of coffee, and the whole thing's coated in chocolate.

  • Cadbury Crispy Crunch: like Butterfinger, but more peanutty.

  • Cadbury Wunderbar: a chocolate-coated peanut-&-caramel mixture that's oddly mushy.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk: just solid milk chocolate.

  • Cadbury Caramilk: chocolate with gooey caramel inside. One of them was broken and all the caramel had leaked out into the wrapper. The candy bar BLED to death! (Fortunately it didn't leak out of the wrapper.)

  • Nestlé Big Turk: Chocolate-coated Turkish Delight.

  • Nestlé Smarties: They're like M&Ms, but bigger and in more colors, and they don't have 'm's on them. (Though in these little boxes of Smarties, the red ones had capital letters on them. I think it's a contest; it looks like you're supposed to try to spell JACKPOT. I was able to spell JADPOT, anyway.)

They were all yummy! (Except Big Turk; I don't think chocolate mixes well with Turkish Delight.)

"Kwinkunx" is nifty! It's ambient music, which means it's best listened to while doing other things. :} (Seriously... I listened to it while cleaning my room.) The first piece is called Space Turtle! (And while trying to fit my Lego collection into my closet, I discovered that I'm Running-Out-Of-Space Turtle, d'oh.)
An interesting piece is the third one: "Thirty Times the Speed of Light", which is an approximately-ten-minute-long journey thru the solar system from the sun outward across the orbits of the planets at constant speed. Each time a planet's orbit is crossed, a voice announces it. The first four planets are a few seconds apart, and the outer planets are a few minutes apart. Meanwhile, various spacey noises signify asteroids and comet dust.

The packages were pretty neat too. Timmo wrote on the bottom of his, "This is a package that reaches its destination." Indeed, it was! And Womble drew a little cartoon on the CD mailer of me listening to the CD thru headphones and enjoying some hot cocoa. And when I opened it, there was a drawing of Womble inside saying "Hallooo!" Opened it further, and behind the CD were some handwritten notes, which would probably not be of interest to anyone who doesn't have the CD, but what the hell:

5 things you might not know about KWINKUNX

1. Prime numbers! 23 tracks, 5 dots on the cover, etc.
2. Language on cover = Kuet
3. Font on cover is same font used for "u.f.orb" + lots of influence from the Orb on first 2 tracks
4. textures [visible if you peer closely at the cover design] include leaves, trees, human brain + spectrograph
5. the face on the back cover! [another semisubmerged image]

So... cool stuff. Thanks, Timmo & Womble! I will... get around to drawing/getting the stuff I owe you in return... soon.

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