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'elp 'un! 'elp U.N.? ¡El pun!

Busy day today! Dad's been out of town all week, and he just got back. I decided to tidy up the house a bit before he arrived. Fortunately this mainly consisted of clearing the dirty dishes and empty soda cans off the table.

The really busy part was changing my bedsheet. I decided to rotate the mattress as well; so I pulled off the old bedsheet and the egg-carton foam pad (makes for comfy sleepin'), rotated the mattress 180 degrees around a vertical axis, then put the pad back and put the new bedsheet on. All this to the music of the Beatles' "Help!" album.

Speaking of which, I was always confused by the cover of "Help!"... according to one book I read, the Beatles are spelling out "HELP" in semaphore with their arms. Except that they're not. It looks more like NUJV. I always figured maybe British semaphore is different from American semaphore. But according to a book I bought yesterday, "Beatlesongs", the semaphore is actually reversed; if you hold the album up to a mirror, they're spelling out LPUS ('elp us!) Sure enough, they are, although George's S looks a bit sloppy, more like an N. LPUN!

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