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So I went to see A Scanner Darkly today...

Fortunately for me, it rained heavily this morning, which kept my car cool. First stop: the Galleria. I like the Galleria because it's one of the few places in the city where I can park in a garage for free, so my car would stay cool even if the sun came back out.

I had lunch at Bennigan's. I had the Flaherty's Fish, a piece of broiled tilapia with lemon butter sauce and capers over a bed of rice pilaf with green beans. It came with all that and fried onion strings, which surprised me! When I had it at the Bennigan's up in the DFW area during Matrimania, I didn't get onion strings with it. Not that this upsets me, because I couldn't finish the onion strings anyway. Then the chocolate lava cake looked really good, so I ordered it, and couldn't finish it either.

Then I went to FYE, and found some DVDs I wanted, including Doctor Who: The Complete First Season. (Well, technically it's, what, the 23rd season, was it? Whichever it is, it's the season with David Eccleston.) My combined purchases added up to... um, a lot of money, and the clerk said I could save 10% by getting a Backstage Pass card. Usually I don't sign up for those cards, but what the heck, I opted for this one. Unfortunately the process got a bit drawn out, made worse by the fact that the cash register wasn't reading my card properly, all the other clerks had gone to lunch at the same time, and there was a line of other people forming. Hoo boy.

But finally that got resolved, and it was time to head downtown to the Angelika Film Center for the movie. I left the Galleria around 3:00 even though the movie didn't start till 4:30, because the Galleria and downtown areas are connected by a stretch of US-59 that has always been one of the most congested lengths of highway in the whole country.

But GUESS WHAT! You know all that construction they've been doing on 59 over the past year or so? It's finished! And the congestion is cleared up! It actually WORKED! I got downtown in about 20 minutes! By the time I parked, I still had an hour to kill.

And the Angelika Film Center was closed. It doesn't start showing movies until late in the afternoon. So I had to find somewhere else to hang around. There was a sushi café next door, so I went in and ordered some crème brûlée. It came in a large(r than expected) bowl with sliced bananas on top, ick, but once I pushed them aside, it was pretty good. I couldn't finish it. (Oh, and while I was there, I heard "Dragostea din Tei" played over the sound system twice in a row! timmowarner says, "Crème brûlée? At a sushi café?! That plays Dragostea din Tei?!?! TWICE?!?!?!? IN A ROW?!??!?!??!?!" Too bad "row" doesn't rhyme.)

I went back over to the Angelika at 4:00, figuring it would be open, only to find out it doesn't open until 4:15. (I looked and looked, but couldn't see any hours of operation posted anywhere.) There was a small crowd of intellectual types like myself, gathered out front, waiting. Fortunately, even though the sun had come out, we were standing in the building's shadow. Finally it was 4:15, the theater opened, and I got to go in and see "A Scanner Darkly".

The animation technique is neat. I didn't really understand the plot, although I don't know if that's the fault of the movie or my own naïveté. Many of the characters are drug addicts, and I can't relate. I've got a graphic novel based on the movie; I'll read it and see if it makes any more sense. My favorite character was James Barris, played by Robert Downey Jr. as one of those endearingly weaselly motormouth know-it-all types.

Although I said I didn't really understand the plot, I will note that the two twists near the end of the movie didn't surprise me. "Hank" turns out to be his girlfriend Donna, and New Path turns out to be run by the people who make Substance D. My reaction to both twists was along the lines of "Pshht, figures." I'm not sure why that is.

The garage under the Angelika is not free, unless you get your ticket validated. The Angelika can validate your parking for three free hours. Thing is, because I got there so early, it was close to the three-hour mark when I got back to my car. Dangit, I didn't make it in time and had to pay $2. Oh well, I'm home now.

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