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Just updated my friends groups

I've got my friends list divided into three groups:

IRC (folks I know from WTnet),
furry (furries who aren't on WTnet, though many people in the IRC list are furries), and
grammarpolice (it's a LJ community, so it gets updated more often and I wanted to have it set apart in a separate group.)

Well, my furry group was getting kinda big, so I split it into furry and furry2, to make playing catch-up easier. The criterion for choosing which people to move into furry2? It's purely alphabetical. furry is A-M, and furry2 is N-Z. (Well, 2-M, 'cos 2_gryphon is in there. And hmm, I don't have any Z people. Maybe I should add zotcoon.) :}

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