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Anthrocon afterwards

Anthrocon was fun! Very busy for me, though. I acted as agent for Redfeather Husky; she mailed me some artwork, which I hung in the art show on Friday. Of the 15 pieces she sent, 7 sold. Then on Sunday I took down the remaining ones.

2 the Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage got to perform in the biggest room ever! The Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom is huge and cavernous and full of chairs that bolt together so only the union workers can move them.

I got to hang out with Babs and the rest of the TTA gang again and draw lots of weird pictures! The subject of "Cars" pr0n came up. I tried drawing some, and I couldn't help thinking of a Cartoon Network interstitial segment where Speed Buggy points out: "I have a tongue. I'm a car that can lick things!" And sure enough, the "Cars" characters have tongues too, so all my Cars pr0n so far seems to consist of cars licking each other.

Darn it, they did it to me again! I missed the beginnings of both improv panels because they overlapped with Furry Mad Libs!

What with all the fursuiters and tail-and-ear-wearers roaming the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, reporters started showing up. Most of the coverage was good. One TV news anchor kept calling it "Arthrocon", which sounds like a convention for spider fans. An article in the local paper basically boiled down to "The rumor is that this is all about sex! We tried to get people to talk about the sexual aspect of furry fandom, but they were skittish and tried to steer us away from it! What gives?"

Yesterday I became aware I had more kidneystones. Fortunately they didn't incapacitate me or anything; they weren't very large and they just gave me minor pain, kinda like cramps. I passed three stones last night. (Which is good because now I feel better!) I figure this is the result of sitting around getting no exercise for days at a time when I was sick last month. Interestingly, one of Kage's stories at his show was the one about having kidneystones and needing lithotripsy (which fortunately I've never needed). He went into even more detail than when he told the story before, so don't be saying "oh I'm not going to bother buying the DVD then." Buy it, you'll like it!

In a little mall attached to the hotel is a Brown Bag Deli. Normally they're only open weekdays, but they were open every day this weekend just for us! Thanks to them, I had good food to eat every day instead of junk and now I feel great! They have rice pudding, too, and it's so good I bought several for the road.

During the big Dead Dog hangout in the Zoo on Sunday night, I spotted Chuckles fursuiting as Yappy Fox. (By that, I mean Yappy was wearing his Yappy fursuit, but wearing his Chuckles head and carrying the Yappy head. I hope someone else got a picture because I forgot to!)

Right now I'm at Zen Fox's apartment in Columbus, down the street from where Babs & Squirrelly live. Later on, some of us are going to go see Over The Hedge.

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