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Hello from Columbus!

So yesterday I went to the Louisville Slugger Factory Museum! (They make bats. (The baseball kind.)) You might say, KT, I thought you weren't a sports fan! The real reason I went there: Machines! WOODWORKING machines! Yaay!

Today I drove to Columbus! Now I'm in Columbus. I'm visiting Babs & Squirrelly, who live in Columbus!
hi my name is babs
I'm typing on Squirrelly's laptop and Babs is leaning over me and typing stuff fishing there she goes againQ!with the fishing for peas Why fishing,Babs? because you have a towel.

OK so anyway I changed some settings so making phone posts will be easier and more convenient! Right now we're going to go see a movie! Either Cars or Over the Hedge. Or Cars Over The Hedge!

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