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Woud-ja LIKE ta take a SUR-VEY?

I am not: going to take this survey seriously.
I hurt: -le through space.
I hate: 'alf a happle.
I fear: rike a mirrion dorrahs!
I hope: you're satisfied!
I crave: braaaaaains.
I regret: nothiiiiiiiiing! *splash*
I cry: wolf.
I care: really, I do.
I long: I very long. I longer than you!
I feel alone: mower is the best thing to cut grass with.
I listen: like thieves.
I hide: Fluffy Puff marshmallows in my pockets for seeecret eeeating.
I drive: me crazy. Like no one else. I drive me crazy, and I can't help myself.
I sing: on the cake.
I dance: I'm your dancity. I mean... dastiny.
I write: you wrong.
I breathe: like rabbits.
I play: dumb.
I miss: ter Rogers.
I search: using Google.
I learn: to the left. I learn: to the right. I stand: up. I sit: down. I fight: fight fight.
I feel: Coke.
I know: what you did last summer.
I say: ol' chap.
I succeed: out of watermelon.
I fail: to see what's so bloody hilarious.
I dream: of electric sheep.
I wonder: everywhere, and if she's beside me I know I need never care.
I want: candy.
I worry: about you, Billy, I really do.
I have: the *hic* I have *hic* I have *hic* I have the *hic* the *hic* I have the *hic*...
I give: up. Why did the chicken cross the road?
I've stopped: now get out and use the restroom and get back here quick or I'll drive off without you.
I receive: if the first ceiving didn't work.

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