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My schedule

So here's my schedule for Anthrocon:

Saturday, June 10: Drive to West Memphis AR.

Sunday, June 11: Drive to Louisville KY.

Monday, June 12: Spend a day in Louisville. There's a baseball bat museum there. Normally I wouldn't be interested in such things, but last time I mentioned it, some of my friends showed interest in it, so I figure I'll go there and take lots of pictures so other people can see it as well.

Tuesday, June 13: Drive to Columbus OH. See a movie with Babs! And maybe Squirrelly if he's out and about! Hey Babs, wanna see Cars? I'll bet by the time you read this you'll have already seen Cars, but I haven't, so I wanna see it! Wanna see it again?

Wednesday, June 14: Drive to Pittsburgh PA. Check in at the Westin at the Convention Center. Replenish all needed drinks and snacks.

Thursday, June 15: Say hoo-hah to folks as they show up for Anthrocon. Watch the looks on their faces as they try to figure out what "hoo-hah" means.

Friday, June 16: Anthrocon!

Saturday, June 17: More Anthrocon!

Sunday, June 18: Yet more Anthrocon!

Monday, June 19: Explore Pittsburgh. Avoid making "This is the Pitts" jokes.

Tuesday, June 20: Drive to Columbus. See another movie with Babs and maybe Squirrelly! How about Over the Hedge again? Does it have to be blue? YES!

Wednesday, June 21: Drive to West Memphis or thereabouts.

Thursday, June 22: Drive home!

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