A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Lost & found objects from our RCFM hotel room

As Vakko, Raketh and I were packing up at the end of RCFM, we found a few items in our room that didn't belong to us, so they must have belonged to our other two roommates, Deyna and Furp. One was a videotape. Fortunately Furp was still in the hotel; we met him in the lounge area, and he confirmed that the videotape was his, so Vakko gave it back to him. There were some other items which were apparently Deyna's, but he had already left, so Vakko took them to send back to him later.

Then the next morning as I was doing my final packing, I found a couple other items in the bathroom: a rechargeable razor (still plugged in; the green light on the charger made a handy nightlight!), some disposable razors, and a bottle of Spice aftershave. Deyna, are these yours? If so, do you want me to send them back?

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