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I saw Over The Hedge this evening

Fun movie!

When I saw the first trailer for Over The Hedge, I thought it looked too different from the comic strip. Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing; if the movie were exactly like the comic strip, it'd be an hour-long string of animals sitting around making jokes about insecurity, couch potatoes, the Internet, etc. The movie ups the stakes! The story, of how RJ met Verne, is entertaining, and the characters are funny and likable.

"See this cookie? Well, this cookie is JUNK!" "But I like da cookie..."

Oh, and the first time someone calls Verne an amphibian, I thought, crap, they're perpetuating that bit of misinformation. But no! Verne corrects him ("Actually I'm a reptile") and it becomes a running gag. Yaay turtle! He's cautious and his tail is tingling.

As for Stella the skunk... there's an interesting twist on the whole Pepe Le Pew thing there.

GODDAMMIT PEOPLE QUIT BRINGIN' YOUR SCREAMING BABIES AND BABBLING TODDLERS TO THE MOVIES! Just because this movie has cute fuzzy talking animals in it does NOT mean EVERYBODY in the audience is a stupid whiny baby, or someone who has to take care of one! (And yes it has occurred to me this rant puts me in danger of sounding like a stupid whiny baby. Shaddap.) Bleeviternot some of us want to get emotionally involved in the movie without being yanked back out by that kid behind me alternately going "Uh! Uh!" (Translation: "MOMMY I WANT SOME SODA NOOOOOW") and "Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbr!" (Translation: "Making helicopter noises is fun wheeeee!")

I curse you, noisy children! I curse you, parents who keep bringin' 'em! And I curse you... whatever you call the annoyingly persistent idea that animated movies, especially animated movies with talking animals in them, are Just For Kids. I need to give it a name so I can curse it. I'll call it Walt. Curse you, Walt!

Now back to the happy part of the review.



Hmm, let's see. Fun movie, sucky audience. I gotta see it again! Hey Babs & Squirrelly, I wanna see it with you! How about just before Anthrocon? I'll be in town! Let's see it! If it's still playing! I hope it will be!

Trailers I saw:
Barnyard (Cows get sick of cow tipping and strike back! You will hear a cow yell "MANABUNGA!")
Monster House ("So if the floorboards are the teeth... and the carpet is the tongue... that chandelier must be the uvula!" "Ohh, so it's a girl house." "What?!")
Flushed Away (Aardman's animators get bloody fed up with tedious plasticine and render that distinctive Nick Park look in CGI to tell the story of a pampered playboy rat who accidentally gets... FLUSHED AWAY. The end of the trailer said "plumbing soon!" Groooan.)
Click (Adam Sandler gets a universal remote which can rewind the universe! I hope he uses it to erase "Little Nicky" from existnce.)
How To Eat Fried Worms (You might wanna put down the box of Buncha Crunch until this trailer is over.)

And as I drove home... ask me about RJ face.

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