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On a happier comics note...

Today's FoxTrot had another wonderful bit of Fun For Geeks...

Panel 1: Jason tapdances.
Panel 2: Jason tapdances some more.
Panel 3: Jason keeps tapdancing.
Panel 4: Jason's still tapdancing.
Panel 5: More tapdancing.
Panel 6: Tap-taaap-tap-tap. Tap-taaap-tap-tap.
Panel 7: He's still at it!
Panel 8: This part has tapdancing in it.
Panel 9: Jason's doing this dance wearing special shoes that go "taaap-tap-taaap-taaap"...
Panel 10: Tapdancing.
Panel 11: Jason finally reaches the end of his big tapdance number.
Panel 12: Marcus asks, "So are they gonna let you in the talent show?" Jason says, "Nah. One of the judges knew Morse Code."

This was one of those situations where the attention to detail in the tapdancing panels was enough that I figured it's gotta be real Morse Code and it's gotta actually spell something out. So I translated it.



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