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Michael Ramirez: Government Stooge?

There's this editorial cartoonist named Michael Ramirez, who seems to be only too happy to help do the government's dirty work. I first noticed him when I saw a cartoon he drew a few years ago about people protesting the Iraq War. He drew a crowd of unwashed hippies (reeking of patchouli, no doubt; damn hippies and their ubiquitous patchouli!) holding signs that said dumb things like "SADDAM NEVER HURT ANYBODY" and "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!" Y'know, taking the most wretched excesses of the opposition and inflating them to look like the whole movement.

In a cartoon that ran in the Houston Chronicle today, there's a drawing of the World Trade Center towers, burning after they were hit by planes, and two voices from inside can be heard:

"I'm horrified."
"I know. Can you believe the NSA has been tracking our phone calls?"

Hear that, America? Ramirez says why worry about a few trifling privacy rights? There's TERRORISTS out there to fight! SUPPORT BUSH! RAAAAR! (The cartoon, and several others by Ramirez, can be seen on this page. Click on "May 18, 2006" for the one described above.)

It occurs to me, post scriptum, that this cartoon could be interpreted in a way I'm sure Ramirez didn't intend: if such a conversation had actually happened on that date during that event, wouldn't that mean the NSA's plan wasn't working? :}

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