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Furry quiz I got from yoru

1) Full furry name - The kinky turtle. Technically it's more of a title.
2) Species - Cartoon turtle, with three arms.
3) Favourite fictional animal - Dragons! Or Warners. Or else Sefo, an alien character of mine who has two heads & four arms.
4) Favourite existing animal - Ooo I like lotsa species... turtles, frogs, lizards, foxes & ducks mostly!
5) Absolute favourite animal (fictional or not) - Ooo... either a frog or a duck, maybe.
6) Does your favourite animal have anything to do with your species - Dunno. I've always been fond of reptiles & amphibians though.
7) How long have you considered yourself a fur - A few years now. Probably ever since I went to Anthrocon 2000.
8) Do you wish you were sooner - Yeah! OTOP I'm prob'ly also one of those people who, in a sense, was furry long before knowing there was a word for it. :}
9) What makes you unique - Probly muh phunnie tawkin'. KT lykes ta mucko upp thee Enguish languish en maig it kohm oud all sillie.
10) Do you wish you were more like your species - Um. If I could be a furry, I dunno which species I'd choose. Maybe a fox 'cos they're just so darn cute!
11) Do you own a fursuit - Nope.
12) If no, would you like to - Dunno. Might be fun, but I hate getting hot & sweaty...
13) Do you feel you have more fun as a fur - Yes!
14) Do you hide being furry to the public - Nope. I even have a "Proud To Be A Furry" button on my bag!
15) Are you even somewhat of an anime fan - Not really.
16) Would you be attracted to certain species if they were depicted as anime characters - Nope. The standard anime facial design turns me off.
17) If yes, which species would they be - n/a
18) Is there a particular species you're not fond of - Gorillas.
19) If yes, which is it, and has it Affected your opinion of certain furs in any way - I don't think so. I notice that simian furries are rare. This does not strike me as a bad thing. :}
20) Was this really just a waste of your time honestly - 'Course not!

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