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Busy busy lazy turkle

Ooo I have a LJ now! Hmm...
Although on IRC I play a turkle hoo tawks phunnie, lahk thees, I think I'll use proper English here, because I figure RL will be the main focus of stuff I'll post here.
So, what have I got to post about? Well, let's see...
I just ordered a bunch of portfolios from Skunkworks, totaling about $150. That should help make a dent in the cost of whatever surgery Jim Hardiman may need.
I've also got drawings to do for several friends, which I'll get to, soon... I'm trying to break my habit of procrastinating. Then there's the Further Confusion 2002 diary to finish. I just completed pages 35-36; I'll scan them tomorrow.
Then there's trip photos I want to scan and add to my diary pages... I went through my entire photo collection and sorted out all the trip photos and arranged them by trip. Now I can complete all my trip photo archives!! ...which will take a shipload of scanning... oof! Ah well, a little at a time and it'll get done.

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