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My candlepin evening

Went candlepin bowling today! I got to the candlepin bowling alley and met up with [Bad username in LJ tag], [Very bad username in LJ tag] and [Even worse username in LJ tag]. I got a phone call from [Really horrible username in LJ tag], who was stuck at work, and another from [Just plain dumb username in LJ tag], who got sick and couldn't make it. But then some other guys showed up and we candlepin bowled several more candlepin frames. [This username SUCKS] made three candlepin strikes in a row, while [Seriously, what the hell] kept getting candlepin gutter balls. The highest candlepin scorers were me and [Were you born with that username and if so what were your parents smoking], who got to take home a candlepin trophy!

Then we all went out to dinner, because none of us wanted to eat at the candlepin snack bar. I dunno what it is about candlepin food, but it's a little... waxy.

So we went to Fooder-Uppers, where just by blind chance we happened to meet up with [Not so bad username in LJ tag] and his girlfriend [Actually pretty good username in LJ tag]! They were there along with their friend [This username is a clever pun], and [I don't get this username though] was there because he gave [Oh wait I think it's a quote from a Ginsberg poem] and [This username would've been a lot cooler if it hadn't already been taken by some idiot, forcing this guy to stick underscores or numbers on the end or something] a ride.

My dinner was delicious; I had a [Bad burgername in LJ tag]-burger, a side of [Bad side dish name in LJ tag]s, a glass of [Bad drinkname in LJ tag], and a heaping bowl of [Bad dessert name in LJ tag, like 'Chocozuma's Revenge' or something] for dessert.

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