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I are backo!

Oh! I forgot to update my journal last night. Well anyway: I got back from San Diego last night! I had lotsa fun with mr_fu, Nakko, frostyw, Richard Fox, youngvanwinkle, Almanzo and jon_helfrich. Cartoon diary coming soon! In fact I'm workin' on it right now. Hopefully I'll have the first ten pages up tonight!

Also I had my photos from DiegoMania developed today, and then I went to Ninfa's for dinner. And I tell ya... if I ever get the urge to go to a restaurant on my birthday, I'm not gonna tell 'em it's my birthday. I hate that thing with the waiters gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" badly. My birthday, by the way, is the ***th of ********** [censored in case any waiters are reading this. No offense, guys, but I hope you understand my concern.]

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