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Stuff that happened today

Got a jury summons some time ago. It scheduled me to appear on May 8. I'll be out of town on May 8. So I went online and rescheduled it to July 10. A few days later I got a new jury summons in the mail... this one also listed my appearance date as May 8. WTF! So today I tried calling the number listed on the back. I got their automated phone system, run by a male voice which is synthesized by computer software (so they can easily change the wording of the instructions without having to bring in Elwood and his tape recorder). It really sounds like a human, albeit a human who's had way too much caffeine and is not doing a very good job of not sounding jittery. The jittery voice told me my scheduled date was July 10. Huh. I guess the second piece of paper was a glitch or something. Well, good, that's taken care of (I hope!)

On the road, I saw a bumper sticker: "MARRIAGE = [men's washroom figure] + [women's washroom figure]". Sooo... marriage is a pair of toilets? I'd try to come up with a clever comment about that, but honestly I don't give two shits. :}

At the mall, there was this black guy who kept doing an "angry black man" bit, ranting loudly every now and then about things that pissed him off, and trying to come off as some sort of Malcolm X-ish street preacher (except in a mall) or perhaps a freestyle rapper, and generally acting scary. I heard him use a couple of profanities, most likely within earshot of children. A security guard approached him at one point and had a talk with him. But he kept doing it. Later, three security guards (one a bald white guy who looked just like Mr. Strickland from "Back to the Future") congregated and watched him. By now, the guy was standing near Electronics Boutique, not saying anything, but making odd moves in response to some sort of unseen and unheard stimuli. The guards apparently couldn't do anything as long as the guy wasn't declaiming, so they just stood there and "watched the show" for a few minutes, then went away. Eventually the guy went away too. I hope he doesn't come back.

For supper: schnitzel, rice and beets!

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