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The Purſuit of Happineſs, Reviſited

It has come to my attention that ſome people are confuſed by my Purſuit of Happineſs cartoon, ſpecifically about the uſe of ſ (long s). Seems ſome people are under the miſapprehenſion that that's actually an f. Nope, it's an archaic form of lowercaſe s. You can read about it on Wikipedia if you like.
(Okay, I'ma stop using it in my text now.)


1. Lowercase only.
2. Never at the end of a word.

Thus, only the second s in "Success" may be long: Succeſs.

And now for some geeky nitpicking.

Ðere's ðis funny picture going around which I þink came from ſomeþingawful.com, possibly from a Φotoshop Φriday or Comedy AuMine column, showing a Bayeux tapestry version of "Snakes on a Plane". It's amusing, but whoever put it together tried to make it sound more archaic by substituting F's for some of the S's. The text reads, "YON STEED IST BESET BY SERPENTF!" "FTARRING SAMVEL SON OF JACK"

First of all, the Bayeux tapestry maker only does capital letters, so you can't use long s at all. (Also, I'm not sure "ist" is a proper form here.) But if you're going to fake long s with F, at least do it properly and consistently! Here's how I'd do it:

Yon ſteed is beſet by ſerpents!
Starring Samvel, ſon of Jack

Also, I think I wouldə used a boat instead of a horse. This summer... "SNAKES! On a MOTHERFVCKING SHIP!"

By now, some of you probably have the idea that this post was made partially to show off my love of playing around with HTML and Unicode. Well, you'd be right. I think I'll do some more of it. First, the text of the cartoon that triggered this post:

...the purſuit of happineſs
KT misreads the long esses as crossbarless effs, and tries to capitalize.
Sefo misreads the barless effs as gammas, and tries to pronounce.
"The purguit of happinegs?"

Next, here's a bunch of familiar Spanish phrases. First person to properly transliterate and define them all wins a trip around the sun!

¡Буэнос дияс, сэнёрэс и сэнёрас!
¿Комо эста Устэд?
Сэ абла эспанёл.
¡Аста ла виста!
¡Аста маняна!
¡Адёс, амигос!
¡Буэнас ночэс!

And now, as the Italian Communists probably don't say, арривэдэрчи!

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