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Teeth vs. Cheetos

THE GOOD: Came after the bad today, so I'll list the bad first.

THE BAD: I was eating a lunch of ramen-in-a-cup and Cheetos Twisteds today, when suddenly there was something hard in my mouth. One of my gold fillings popped out! I cleaned as much of the chewed-up Cheetos off it as I could and called the dentist. My regular dentist, Dr. Moser, is apparently out of town, and the recorded message gave me a number to call for another dentist who's handling Dr. Moser's patients' emergencies for the weekend. So I called the other dentist's office, and they said come right in.

OK BACK TO THE GOOD: I found the building, entered the parking garage, found a parking space, went upstairs and found the dentist's office. After filling out a form, I was brought inside, and the dentist had a look at me. He and his assistant cleaned off the filling and my tooth, and temporarily re-cemented it in place. I was done in a few minutes and they didn't charge me anything! And my next appointment with Dr. Moser happens to be Tuesday of next week! How's that for timing? Also, they validated my parking so I didn't even have to pay for that.

THE UGLY: Chewed-up Cheetos Twisteds. I'm not gonna buy those anymore. They chew way too thick. I'll bet crunchy Cheetos wouldn't've pulled out my filling! Cheetos Twisteds: Yummy, but gummy. They're good... but they're evil.

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