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Tomorrow I leave for San Diego! I'm gonna spend a week with friends from IRC, including mr_fu, frostyw, youngvanwinkle, jon_helfrich, and some other folks who, um, if they have LiveJournals, I dunno about them. We're gonna go to the zoo and Legoland and see the Miramar Air Show and stuff like that!

Unfortunately... when I came home today from running errands, I saw that the rear windshield on my mom's minivan had been shattered, and a garbage bag was taped over the opening. Seems our neighbor had been practicing golf, and a stray ball hit the windshield. He apologized for it, but the problem is it changes our plans for tomorrow a bit.

The original plan: Mom, Dad and I were going to get in the van and drive to the airport, where Mom would let Dad off (he's going to CEBAF, the big nuclear physics lab in Virginia, for a week) and then we'd go spend some time in a nearby restaurant or mall, eating lunch, until it was time to drop me off at the airport.

But now we can't take the minivan. Mom & Dad will have to go in Dad's car, then she'll drive it home, then we'll go in my car, then she'll drive it back home. So she'll have to do more driving than she was gonna, and we won't get to do the hanging-out-at-lunch thing. Dad and I will still get to the airport and get on our flights, but... it'll just be less fun, darn it!

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