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http://foshata.com/ is a site that has a selection of clips taken from Japanese TV commercials and lets people make up their own fake subtitles. The site is about a month and a half old and still sticking around, yaay!

Anyone can view foshatas (although you need to sign up to make your own or vote on them; no more anonymous). And now the site has a new improved search feature that lets you search subtitle text, usernames, and fsh numbers (the alphanumeric strings that uniquely identify each submission).

Foshatas can be set public or private. Private means they don't show up on the main list and can't be voted on, so it's best to set a submission private if it's just an in-joke for your friends. Also, do note that the little drop-down menu defaults to 'private', and there's currently no way to change a foshata from private to public or vice versa (other than deleting it and redoing it from scratch), so be careful not to skip a step when making one.

Be sure to look at (and vote on) mine! :} My username on there is KT. Also be sure to look at my friends' foshatas: timmowarner, LeJerque, mephit, Qaianna... anyone I'm forgetting?

Edit: Oh yeah, Masem and TonyFox! And now canuckguy!

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