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Car battery dead today. Got jump from Eric's Exxon guy, drove to Eric's Exxon, had battery changed. Meanwhile lady in waiting room complimented my cartooning talent (I had sketchbook out, doodling service-station-themed cartoon.) Let her see it. She saw lotsa furry art, including spooge. She liked it!

With new battery, drove to Wolf Camera. Developed pics from Conifur (and from furry dinner at Asiana Cuisines before that). Also bought art supplies to replace ones lost on plane, and picked up new comics (Furrlough & Looney Tunes, 1 each.) Also bought some candy & tuna. Albacore!

Had Long John Silver's for supper. Fish & shrimp! Kit Kats stale, ugh.

Must buy new wallet tomorrow. Animaniacs wallet from Animania IV (August 1995) finally falling apart. Also need soda, look for fresh Kit Kats.

Must finish editing MFM photos! CD-ROM from Wolf Camera convenient but not compressed enough. Ten times too many KB! Also must catch up on Anthrocon diary before leaving for San Diego on Wednesday.

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