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And why won't this window open?

Even weirder, not only can I not connect, the #bohemia window won't even open. I have mIRC set up to automatically join #warnercafe, #languages and #bohemia on connect, and each channel opens in a separate subwindow. While the Data Doctors guy was here, at one point he tried to close mIRC by clicking the [X] button in the corner, but closed the #bohemia window by mistake. Now, when I try to connect, only the #warnercafe and #languages windows open! Why the hell would that happen?

(Actually, to be precise, mIRC is set to automatically open four windows: #warnercafe, #languages, #bohemia and /links, which is a window that displays the IRC servers visible from where I am on the IRC network. It opens them in that order, /links last. And /links still opens successfully. #bohemia is the only window that fails to open.)

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