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Now I can't connect to the internet AT ALL on my computer! I'm posting this from Mom's computer. When I try to get a webpage on my computer, it immediately fails to connect. I was on the phone with the Data Doctors guy just now, and he had me check the IP address; it showed

Also, the first thing he asked me to do was reboot my machine, and when I did, another issue cropped up. I have a Wacom tablet which came with a wireless mouse. It's really handy; I use the tablet as a mousepad, and the mouse communicates with it. The issue now is, when I boot up, the tablet software doesn't start launching until what seems like a full minute after Windows starts. Up till now, it launched immediately. And the mouse can't move the cursor until the tablet software launches. What's causing that?!

The guy at Data Doctors wasn't able to help me over the phone. He thinks there might be a problem with my network card, and suggested I bring my computer in on Monday. So I'm gonna do that. I'll just use Mom's computer till then. I can't deal with this.

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