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Police chase just now!

That was mildly exciting and shocking! Dad was watching Jeopardy, and suddenly the Channel 11 newspeople broke in with live footage of police chasing a car in north Harris County. The car drove all over the place, trying to lose the cops on residential streets. They almost got onto the Hardy Toll Road, but didn't. They kept driving, being followed by more and more cop cars, until their right front tire blew out. They kept driving, with the tatters of the tire being dragged along, and finally the car came to a stop. Three or four people got out and ran through a neighborhood. The Channel 11 news copter spotted them all reconvening and running into an apartment. The cops swarmed the area and tried to figure out which apartment they went into. Finally they found 'em, went in, and eventually had a total of five suspects lying on the grass in handcuffs. They've just been taken away, and I guess I'll find out more details later.

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