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Why Andy Partridge didn't do the songs for "James & the Giant Peach"

From IRC today...

<KinkyTurtle> The story of the songs of Giant Peach:
<KinkyTurtle> <Disney> Say there! Wanna do the songs for James & the Giant Peach? <AndyPartridgeofXTC> I'd love to! * Andy writes a buncha songs.
<KinkyTurtle> <Disney> Great! Now sign this contract and prepare to be fucked over. <Andy> Um, what?
<KinkyTurtle> <Disney> Don't worry, it's standard. <Andy> But I'd rather not be fucked over. Couldn't I be paid a decent fee, and royalties?
<KinkyTurtle> <Disney> You're kidding, right? Tell you what, forget it. Randy! Wanna do the songs for Giant Peach? <RandyNewman> Sure!
<KinkyTurtle> * Andy sits in a hotel room, watches Giant Peach on cable, and grumps about how little effort Randy seems to have put into them.
<WakkyMouse> Ah...
<KinkyTurtle> * Andy later puts the songs on his "Fuzzy Warbles" compilations. * KT buys Fuzzy Warbles, enjoys the songs, reads the liner notes, & concocts this little one-act IRC play.

Post scriptum...

<WakkyMouse> I wonder if disney is any less evil now that Eisner is gone
<KinkyTurtle> hope so.
<WakkyMouse> because it seemed like he was cool about treating artists right at the beginning, but I have to wonder if most of that was seeing money in the hills.
<WakkyMouse> (after who framed roger rabbit was a hit)

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