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Happy sad, are you feelin' good or feelin' bad

Hey, I got an idea for what might be an interesting meme:

1. List up to five of the HAPPIEST songs in your collection.
2. List up to five of the ANGRIEST or SADDEST songs in your collection.
3. Copy this meme in your own LJ if you feel like it.

Happy songs from my collection:

"Merely a Man", by XTC. A Beatlesque message of love mixed with some clever lyrics, and that trumpet interlude lifts me into the sky every time!
"Hurra", Die Ärzte. Who knew a German song could put such a big smile on your face and make you want to DANCE? "Hip hip hurra, alles ist super, alles ist wunderbar! / Hip hip hurra, alles ist besser, als es gestern war!"
"Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen", The Colonel. This bouncy ditty is on XTC's "Rag & Bone Buffet" compilation; it was recorded by Colin Moulding under a pseudonym as a joke, but it sure sounds like he had fun doing it!

Angry/sad songs:

"Let Him Dangle", Elvis Costello. This is E.C.'s pissed-off polemic against capital punishment, specifically about the Derek Bentley-Chris Craig case. Most chilling line: "Outside the prison there was horror and hate / As the hangman shook Bentley's hand to calculate his weight."
"Your Dictionary", XTC. A somber, bitter song about ending a marriage in which everything's been reduced to four-letter words. Contains two swears, but they're spelled out, so I guess they can get away with not having a parental advisory sticker.

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