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LEGO™ Crane

I spent today building a LEGO Technic crane! It's a big truck thingy with six wheels and a long crane arm that swivels and raises and has a hook on a pulley at the end! It's apparently a classic Technic kit from many years ago that they've brought back and are selling in the catalog again. Woohoo! I've been wanting Lego to do something like this. Most of their Technic stuff nowadays is boring. Toy dragsters & ThrowBots or whatever. But THIS... This has actual MECHANICS in it! The arm goes up and down on real hydraulics! You flip a switch, pump a piston on the side and the arm goes up! You turn a little crank on the back of the truck and the entire arm assembly swivels! You turn another crank to extend the arm, and another crank to winch in the cord and hoist the hook! You turn the little "safety lights" on top to steer the whole thing, and you turn two more cranks on the sides to deploy the "feet" so the whole thing doesn't roll away. It is so COOL! It's BIG, too! It's about a foot long, and is made up of lots & lots of pieces, including a mindboggling assortment of gears, axles, connector pegs, cams, bushings, etc. No motors, though. It's all hand-powered.

It took hours to put together, and a casual observer might've witnessed me muttering things from time to time... "Grrr... dammit... c'mon, why won't it fit!" But I had a BALL!

LEGO is also selling another classic Technic kit: a forklift. I bought that, too, and put it together a week or so ago. You rotate the bar on the side and the lift goes up, the lift goes down, the lift goes up... oh yeah, it steers too, also by turning the "light" on top. Also no motors. Still, it's COOL! Thank you, LEGO™!

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