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Oh yeah so anyway today I went to the Dept. of Public Safety. That's the Texas equivalent of the DMV. My driver's license expired on the 25th (my birthday), but I'd been lax about the renewal process; I renewed by phone 2 days before it expired. Which means I don't have the new card yet. Which would be a bit of a problem because I'm leaving in two days for ConiFur, where I intend to rent a car.

So I went to the DPS and stood in line and waited (the wait actually wasn't too bad until I got to the front of the line, then everything sloooowed down, sheesh) and the lady gave me a slip of paper with stuff printed on it saying I'm legal to drive. I hope they accept it at the Avis counter in Seattle.

Then I bought some art supplies and got cash. Oh yes, and I got some calendars at Borders where I stopped to use the potty.

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