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Or perhaps you'd like a bit of the old Fawlty Towers eh? Manuel!!

I had a dream last night in which I came up with an idea for a comedy sketch! One guy dials a phone number that another guy gave him; he expects to reach the other guy, but instead he finds himself talking to John Cleese!

CLEESE: Hello?

GUY: ...John Cleese?!

CLEESE: Yes, hello, who is this?

GUY: Um, I'm [name1]... I was trying to reach [name2]...

CLEESE: Ah, I see the problem. You see, I'm a client of his, and this phone number is for private business between us. He must have given it to you by mistake.

GUY: Oh, I see... um, I'm a big fan of yours, Mr. Cleese...

CLEESE: Oh, are you really! I suppose you'd like me to do a silly walk or something. Well, look! I'm doing one right now! Can't you tell?

GUY: Er... sorry to bother you, Mr. Cleese.

CLEESE: Quite all right, quite all right. But could you do me two favors, please?

GUY: Sure, what?

CLEESE: First, don't call this number again, and please do not give it to anyone else.

GUY: I promise I won't.

CLEESE: Good lad. And second... I want you to get a job with this company, rise to the top levels of management, and fire the silly sod who gave you this number, would you?

GUY: Heh. Okay!

CLEESE: Buh-bye now!

[hangs up]

The sketch was less coherent than this in the dream, of course; I tidied it up in editing after I woke up.

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