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Keeping it real hot

A coupla days ago I got in my car and went out to the store, and I saw this guy walking along the street.

Oh, let me back up. Here in Houston, we get funny weather in winter. One day it'll be cold (by "cold" I mean "Houston cold", which is anything below 60°F), the next it'll be warm. It was a warm day, somewhere in the 70s, a coupla days ago when I went out.

And I saw this guy walking along the street. A big black guy. Wearing a big black sweatjacket with a hood. And the hood was pulled up over his head. I thought to myself, "Isn't it kinda warm to be wearing something like that?" I figured he's going for the gangsta-rapper-from-the-mean-streets-of-NYC-or-Detroit look, and since it's currently cold in those places, well hey. I guess this is his way of "keepin' it real".

Then I thought, wait a minute! Keepin' it REAL?! This is Houston! It's WARM right now! Dressing up as if the weather were cold is NOT keeping it "real". Such a context would make the phrase as meaningless as if used by some white kid from the upper-middle-class suburbs explaining why he's adopting the speech patterns of some drug dealer from the slums.

Anyway. Happy New Year, everybody! It's currently already 2006 in Europe and points east, and in a few hours it'll start to get 2006 here in the States. The forecast for tomorrow calls for scattered 2006 with a 100% chance of 2006 later in the evening. And now over to Deckard with sports, or failing that, something completely un-sports-like (which, you'll note, is distinct from "unsportsmanlike").

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