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Comic strips making fun of furries

First it was Penny Arcade's "We hate animals who are also people" strip. Now it's PvP's "Fur Is Bad" strip. Silly me, I just had to go and subject myself to the long flamey threads about them on the forums in both cases. Now, there are some comments from the anti-furry crowd that I find really amusing. Like comments along the lines of, "I hate plushophiles! Thanks to them, I can't look at stuffed toys anymore without thinking of sex!" Hah! Talk about becoming what you hate!

Sadly though, it seems Scott Kurtz, the creator of PvP, is a jerk. He thinks "furry" = "animal porn" = "bad & wrong". I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though; I knew he was a jerk from back when he had a fake "Guest Artist Week" in which he drew a week's worth of strips in the style of other artists. It was a pretty neat exercise, and he was good at it... but he made the mistake of falsely crediting the artists he was mimicking. For instance, the first one was drawn in the style of Tatsuya Ishida's "SinFest", and at the bottom of the page was the line, "Today's strip was drawn by Tatsuya Ishida."

Well. The artists involved got mad at him, and he couldn't understand why. He wrote a rant about it, thinking the artists were upset because he imitated their styles, accusing them of having no sense of humor, unaware that what they were mad about were the false bylines. He called it a harmless joke; I imagine a lawyer might call it actionable fraud.

So back to yesterday. There was Kurtz himself on the forum, insisting that furry art is animal porn, refusing to believe there's a difference, with his little avatar image of Churchill making a rude gesture and the line "thinks you're all dipshits" at the left of every post. Yeah, class act all around.

As for the strip itself... well, I dunno about you, but I'm getting a little tired of abuse cloaked under the guise of humor. "Furries are perverts! Keep your dog away from them! They should be shot! What? Oh, lighten up, it's only a joke!" Sure it is. No, I honestly don't think I'm a humorless prig for failing to laugh at such crap.

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