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Movin' Out Of This Old Mouse

So recently my mouse started giving me trouble. Doing a click-drag, it would occasionally act as if I released and re-clicked the button. If I opened a paint program and quickly drew a bunch of lines, one of the lines would occasionally have a gap in it.

So I switched to a new optical mouse that Mom got for her computer recently but didn't like. Unfortunately I found out why she didn't like it; it often misread my single clicks as double clicks. It made using most programs a PAIN in the SITTING-DOWN body part. My friends on IRC told me the brand of the mouse, Inland, is a "don't buy this brand because it is crap" sort of brand. Well, fishsticks.

So today I went to Micro Center to get a new mouse. And I did. It's an optical mouse. It's wireless. And it's included with my brand-new Intuos DIGITAL TABLET! I been wantin' one of those.

Wish me luck hooking it up!

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