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Rauchen verboten

In today's paper, there was a column by one Leonard Glantz, about the World Health Organization instituting a policy of not hiring smokers. My gut reaction to this was "Cry me a frigging river." But then I thought, well, maybe he has a point. Banning smoking at the workplace is one thing, but maybe it's unfair to refuse to hire people who happen to smoke.

But then I saw this paragraph:
Under WHO's policy, if Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler applied for a job, only Hitler, the sole nonsmoker in the group (and someone who would not allow anyone to smoke near him), would be eligible for consideration.

Congratulations, Leonard Glantz. You've just Godwinned the smoking debate!

Y'know, I hear Hitler also wore clothes. Don't be like Hitler! He was evil.

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