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Furry Asian dinner!

Tonight I met a bunch of the local furries at a place called Asiana Cuisines, which has sushi buffet, Chinese buffet, and Mongolian barbecue. I arrived a few minutes early and I was the first one there, so the waitress seated me at a big table that was made up of several little tables pushed together.

First I tried the Chinese buffet, but it was a little... lacking... and questionable. I don't think chicken's supposed to have that color inside it... and I'm not really a sushi eater... so I decided to try the Mongolian barbecue. Yum! (Although the first time, I added sweet & sour sauce, which made it smell a bit odd what with the other sauces I put in there, and everything came out all reddish. So I didn't use that the second time.)

And we talked about lots of stuff. We talked about recent furry meets, and the mailing lists we're on, and other things. We all had a good time and ate lots of good food (except Runningwolf who's fasting for some reason).

Afterwards, shell524 and sky went to Dave & Buster's to play Pump It Up, which I understand is a videogame similar to Dance Dance Revolution. I, however, just went home. :}

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