A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Key West in brief

Postscript note to a previous entry: The Mahoney sank in the Bahamas in 1929, not 1945. Either the tour guide got the date wrong, or I misheard her (the latter is much more likely).

In Key West, I went kayaking, that was fun! We used the kind of kayaks that are a plastic hull that you sit on top of, not the kind you tuck your legs inside of. We kayaked around in the water near Archer Key, which is apparently not an island but a huge mangrove. (The water's only a few feet deep in that area anyway.)

I did go snorkeling after all, but I made sure to get out of the water before I got too tired. (Which was just as well; the water was too sandy for me to see anything.) But I forgot to bring my sunblock from the ship, and got a little bit sunburned.

Then we went looking for dolphins. Didn't see any, but we did see a dog.

And bah, the ship left Key West at 5:30! What good is leaving Key West before sunset? I didn't even get a chance to have key lime pie! (Actually, I did, on the ship at dinner.)

Last night, the wind was really strong, and the ship rocked more than it ever had up to that point in the trip. I now know for sure I don't get seasick. (Heck, the excursion boat rocked even more! I had to stand up at one point to let one of the ship's owners open a hatch, and I had to do a little dance to keep from falling over! Didn't get sick once, though.)

The furry part of the evening was basically a wrap-up of the whole trip. There was feedback, awards were given out, and we looked at people's photos projected on a big screen. Then there was sitting around chatting in several small groups, in one of which Dex showed some magic tricks.

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