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Home again home again, coldity cold!

Yaay I'm home again and I don't have to pay $10 to make an LJ post anymore!

The cruise was fun, getting off the ship was not too hard, but due to poor planning I ended up spending about five hours at the airport. Oh well, I made quite a bit of progress on the diary.

Then I got home and started playing with the cat, and she immediately snags a claw in my finger and draws blood, the same finger I got a papercut on just before leaving to go on the cruise in the first place.

So anyway... cruises are fun, if you don't mind all the drunk people. More later.

Oh, and the reason for the "coldity cold" in the subject line is that on the plane, they told us the temperature was in the 40s in Houston, which was a problem as I didn't bring any cold-weather wear. So I looked for a jacket or something in the airport. I found one in my size, but there was nobody behind the counter, so I almost couldn't buy it. But then she appeared, apple Venus on a half-open shell and I paid for it.

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