A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Majesty of the Seas, Nassau

Here I am in Nassau in the Bahamas, sitting at a dang computer in the online lounge on deck 4! I haven't left the ship yet, although in an hour and a half I'm going on a glassbottom boat tour.

Sunday, I flew to Miami and shared a hotel room with Zot, his girlfriend Margo, and Seawolf. Seawolf had a late-night flight, and getting him something to eat after 1 am in Miami was really difficult. We finally got him a sandwich from a locked-down Chevron station.

Yesterday, we turned in the rented SUV and got a shuttle ride to the pier. We checked in and boarded the ship (they wouldn't let Seawolf photograph the ship from the gangplank, which disappointed him.) Seawolf and I got a cabin on deck 2. I had a really hard time getting a drink at 4:07, because everything had just shut down for the mandatory drill for all passengers. We had to stand at the muster stations on deck 7 for half an hour wearing life vests. One lady fainted and needed medical assistance! And after the drill, I had more trouble getting a drink which I'll go into more detail about later. But after dinner, I felt a lot better. (Oh, and during dinner, the waiters all sang "O Sole Mio" at one point.)
Later in the evening, the furry con began. We gathered in the conference room and got badges, and there was fursuit dancing late into the night.

The ocean at night is an impressive sight. When you step out onto deck 7, you can't see ANYTHING. It is pitch black, no lights on the horizon. If you look down, you can see the waves from the ship lit up by the light from the ship. If you go up to deck 12 and let your eyes adjust, you can see lots of stars. Oh, and another cruise ship distantly on the horizon.

This morning, we woke up docked in Nassau. I'll have more to write about later.

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