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Y'know what annoys me?

People who hate celebrities just because they're celebrities.

I mean, granted, some celebrities can be assholes, but to assume it's automatic is to buy into yet another stereotype.

And it seems to be especially a problem in relatively small scenes such as furry fandom. I keep hearing, every now and then, what a horrible scumbag unclekage is, for example, or what a thundering asshole that damn 2_gryphon is. Why? Oh, because they're popular! How DARE they! These criticisms always seem to mention the hordes of drooling fanboys who worship the celebrity and hang on his every word. Well now, Mr. Celebrity Hater, sounds like what you really hate are the fanboys, not the celebrity himself.

I suppose if someone says he doesn't find Kage or 2's shows funny, that's reasonable, but... I dunno, half the time, I get the feeling that it's just backlash; "he's unfunny because he's popular". That's nonsense.

Being an anti-sheep isn't any better than being a sheep. In fact, I'd say the anti-sheep are more unpleasant.

Are there any famous furries I don't like? Hmm, well, I suppose I could say Jim Groat. He's a good artist, and some of his cartoons are funny, but I disagree with his politics, his gung-ho military attitude rubs me the wrong way, his pranks at cons sometimes go too far, and some of his cartoons are just nasty without being funny.

Notice that the preceding lists of positives and negatives did not mention the size of his fanbase?

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