A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Voice Post: St. Louis, and a plane in trouble, ooo the suspense

283K 1:21
“This is KT calling from St. Louis.

I left Chicago shortly before 3 pm after hanging around with what few furries remained at the Hyatt. Then I drove down I-55 instead of I-57, just because.

As I entered St. Louis, I saw the Gateway Arch all lit up with floodlights, and with a little flashing red beacon on top so airplanes won't go AAAAAAAAAAWHATZAT*BOOOM*

Speaking of planes... while sitting in the cafe at the Hyatt earlier today, we saw live coverage on CNN, I guess it was, of an airplane in trouble somewhere in Oregon. The landing gear on the right side wouldn't come down all the way, and nobody knew if it would be able to make a safe landing! And I thought it would be really funny if, just before it came down, the landing gear extended and the plane made a safe landing and it would be all anticlimactic and everybody would be all disappointed, "Aw booo, who cares!"

And when Mycroft and I went to lunch at Super China Buffet, the plane was circling around trying to burn off as much fuel as possible.... And when we came back, that's just what happened! The landing gear extended and the plane made a safe landing and I went "HA-ha!"

So anyway, I probably won't get all the way home tomorrow; I'll probably get as far as Texarkana or something. I'll most likely get home on Wednesday. And there you have it.”

Transcribed by: kinkyturtle

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