A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Voice Post: KT, Vakko and Mycroft in Chicago

216K 1:03
“This is KT and I'm in Chicago! I'm at the Hyatt, where Midwest Furfest will be getting underway. And I'm here with my two roommates, Vakkotaur and Mycroft. Mycroft just... yeah, say hi, everybody!

Vakko: [silly voice] "Hi, everybody!"
Mycroft: "Hello!"

Mycroft's getting unpacked. Vakko and I got unpacked earlier. Vakko, however, is annoyed right now, because apparently his preregistration form got lost in the mail, so he had to buy a regular one for $40 and he seems to have lost his $100 that he sent in, and so he's upset right now. Aren'tcha?

Vakko: "Off-ge-ticked!!"

You could say that, yes. Well anyway, we're probably going to go out to get something to eat, and then tomorrow, Midwest Furfest starts! Woo! Yay! So... have fun, everybody! Well, I'll have fun. You can just sit there and lump it!”

Transcribed by: kinkyturtle

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