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Erf! Stupid important government documents.

So I got this letter in the mail, what, a month ago or so and it looks official but sort of not really important and definitely a boring read. So I leave it on my desk, where through laziness and forgetfulness it gets incorporated into the unending pile of stuff that is my room. So today I finally get around to taking it with me to Quizno's (Classic Italian sub on wheat, yum!) and reading it. It's my driver's license renewal form! And I was supposed to fill it out and mail it in at least 21 days before my birthday! My birthday is Sept. 25, two days from now! Gaaaaah! Fortunately you can also renew by phone or online. So I went home and used the phone. It's one of those automated computer systems with menus and data input done by touch-tone, of course, and I did a lotta button-pressing. But finally it was done and approved and I guess I'll be getting my new DL in the mail sometime.

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